AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement Launches New Web Presence

Welcome to AKNY.org!

AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement works to build a grassroots movement, in New York and beyond, in solidarity with the people of Greece and their struggles against neoliberalism, authoritarianism and racism. Please see our Mission Statement.

As of April 2013, AKNY is launching a broad-based Internet presence, starting with this new site, www.akny.org, as well as a Facebook page, Youtube channel and Twitter feed.** We invite you to explore and participate.

AK stands for “Aristeri Kinisi,” which in Greek means Left Movement. Our group is rooted in the Greek community of New York and in the long tradition of democratic left politics. We have been pursuing actions in response to the Greek crisis for more than a year. Until now, we lacked a proper Web home. This site makes up for that by going back in time to include reports, statements, news coverage, and many visuals from our actions and events — as well as those of related groups — dating back to February 2012. (Our actions were sometimes held under different names, like Greek Solidarity Network and Greek-American Left Movement. Also highlighted are a few of the events by Syriza New York, which is a separate organization.)

Most importantly, however, we hope the new Internet presence will be useful going forward in the continuing struggle for justice, peace and truth – in Greece, the United States and beyond. We look forward to a day when there are thousands of participants in the Greece Solidarity Movement, and when we stand also among many millions fighting actively for social and political change in the United States. Does that sound far away? It will only happen if we first imagine it.

**AKNY.org also has an RSS feed and a separate Newswire RSS, in development, that will come to feature many reports relating to the Greek crisis. The Newswire draws from stories posted on our News Forum.

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