Panel Discussion at CUNY: The European Working Class in Revolt Against Austerity

Sutarday on April 4 @ The Graduate Center - CUNY

Saturday on April 4 @  – CUNY

The European Working Class in Revolt Against Austerity

Saturday, April 4 – 6:00pmThe Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, CUNY25 W 43rd St, 19th Floor, Rooms 18A – 18DNew York, New York 10036

The big banks and world powers are trying to make working people, youth and the poor pay for a crisis that they didn’t create. “Austerity” means attacks on jobs, living conditions and social programs. Millions of people in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have been thrown into perpetual joblessness and social crises.

In this context, new political formations of the left have arisen. Syriza has come to power in Greece and has faced immense challenges. Podemos, only a year old, is the highest-polling party in Spain. The Anti-Austerity Alliance in Ireland has come to the forefront of mass direct action against unfair taxation one of their Members of Parliament, Paul Murphy, being jailed for his leadership of the movement. There will be speakers at this meeting who have been involved in all three of these new political organizations.

This discussion will attempt to deal with the following questions: How can austerity be stopped? What role do elections have to play? What about strikes and demonstrations? What is the socialist and internationalist strategy?

Speakers from Greece’s Syriza, Spain’s Podemos and Ireland’s Anti-Austerity Alliance

Natassa Romanou
Research Professor at Columbia University in Climate Studies; a founding member of SYRIZA-NY and AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement.

Elma Relihan
has been a community organizer and member of the Socialist Party in Ireland. She is campaigning for social justice issues and has been active in the campaign against austerity policies in Ireland. Elma will report on the recent struggles against water charges that threaten to bring down the Irish government

Seraphim Seferiades
Member of Xekinima – Socialist Internationalist Organization/CWI in Greece. Professor of History and Political Science at Panteion University in Athens as well as Life Member at Cambridge University.

Sean Sweeney
Director, International Program on Labor, Climate & Environment at the Murphy Institute; Trade Unions for Energy Democracy.

Cora Bergantinos
is active in PODEMOS EEUU, a member of New York Socialist Alternative and will speak about the crisis in Spain

Alan Akrivos
is a member of New York Socialist Alternative,a founding member of SYRIZA-NY and AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement.

Hosted by Socialist Alternative New York


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