Mission Statement / Αποστολή


pict8AKNY–Greece Solidarity Movement is an independent political organization without party affiliation, established in 2012, that works to build a grassroots movement, in New York and beyond, in solidarity with the people of Greece and in support of their struggles against neoliberalism, authoritarianism and racism.

Harsh austerity measures have created an economic and social disaster that affects tens of millions across Europe while Cyprus, Greece, Portugal and Spain are particularly hard-hit. The economic problems also facing the United States further suggest the systemic nature of the crisis and the need for broad international movements with direct action and mobilization across state borders.

AK stands for “Aristeri Kinisi,” which in Greek means Left Movement. The organization is rooted in the Greek community of New York and in the long tradition of democratic left politics. We seek to build alliances with other leftists, socialists, feminists, and anti-authoritarians; with the labor, immigrant rights, LGBT rights, ecological and Occupy movements; and with the anti-imperialist, anti-racist, anti-fascist and antiwar movements. We stand in support of all who are targeted by bigotry on the grounds of ethnic or cultural identity.

The growing resistance and the dramatic rise of the left in Greece are sources of inspiration for people around the world who fight for equality, justice and freedom. We firmly believe that our lives and situations are closely interconnected and that our struggles should be collective and in solidarity. Toward that end, we work to raise awareness of the economic, social and political conditions in Greece; we organize events and open forums for discussion, dialogue and creative action; we stage protests and demonstrations and we support and build activity in solidarity with Greece and in collaboration with all those who resist the dehumanizing onslaughts of capitalism.

Site Policy

On akny.org, facebook.com/aristeri.kinisiny, AKNY_Greece Twitter, AKNYGreeceSolidarity Youtube Channel, AKNY NEWSWIRE and AKNY News Forum, articles and postings with individual bylines represent the views and opinions of the individual authors. Only those articles with the group name as a byline constitute statements of the group. Any errors are the individual author’s.

(As passed by AKNY, 19 March 2013)

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