AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement presented an all-star panel on “Crisis and The Left in Europe: Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy” last Sunday at the Left Forum 2013 in New York. With Peter Bratsis, Despina Lalaki, Carlos Frade, Marcus Graetsch and Bruno Gelli. Thanks to New Jersey Video Collective and FanSmiles channel.

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Video & Photos – #ResistIstanbulAthensNYC

From New York, we hoped to do our modest part in solidarity with the ongoing Turkish struggle. Fifty people gathered at 1:30 last Saturday (6/8) outside Pace University, following one of the Greece Solidarity panel talks at the Left Forum…

Greeks Gather at Pace University July 8, 2013

Photo: Resa Sunshine

Chanting, “Istanbul, Athens, NYC – Resist in every ciiiii-ty,” we marched for a few blocks to Zuccotti Park, where 1500 Turkish Americans and Occupiers were rallying all day long.

Solidarity With Turkish Struggle Zuccotti Park


They greeted our arrival with thunderous applause!

Greek Contingent Arrives at Zuccotti Park Turkish Rally

Photo: Mickey Z-vegan

Side by side, the national symbols take on a different meaning.

Greeks and Turks Together at Zuccotti Park


Unprecedented in recent decades: Greeks and Turks standing together in NYC!

Turks and Greeks Stand Together Zuccotti, June 8


Hundreds of people seated themselves for an assembly.

Turkish-Greek Solidarity Zuccotti: Assembly


Asli Bulbul read the Taksim Square declaration of demands.

Video: Stacey Mazurek (youtube)

Despina Lalaki delivered a statement for AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement.

Video: nothingofficial (youtube)

No one knows what happens next in Turkey. If on Facebook, follow every hour from Istanbul with frontline photographer Jenna Pope:

Gezi Park, Istanbul, June 5. Photo: Jenna Pope.

Gezi Park, Istanbul, June 5. Photo: Jenna Pope.

We hope, despite the dark threats from the Turkish government, that by next Saturday the struggle to save Gezi Park (at least) might be victorious. We pray for no more bloodshed!

We know this is only the beginning of a longer collaboration with our Turkish friends of OccupyGeziParkNYC.

Asli Bulbul. Photo: King Newyorkhacks

Asli Bulbul. Photo: King Newyorkhacks

Report: Nikos Levis
AKNY on Youtube

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Saturday at OWS: #ResistIstanbulAthensNYC #ResistEverywhere

In Solidarity With The Turkish People —
Occupy Gezi NYC & AKNY-Greece at OWS Zuccotti


June 8 – Saturday – All Day Starting at Noon
Media Conference and AKNY presence begins 1:50 pm (

Special Invite to All Left Forum Participants!
Facebook Event – let’s get to 10,000 invites!


Protest in front of the Turkish Embassy in Athens yesterday, June 4. Sign in Turkish and Greek:
“Solidarity with the People of Turkey” Let’s do that in New York at OWS!


At Occupy Wall Street – Zuccotti Park, we Greeks shall stand in solidarity with the people of Turkey who fight against repression for freedom of expression, democracy and justice! We shall stand side-by-side with Americans and Armenians, Arabs and Kurds, Jews and all peoples for a world free from oppression.

Today the people of Turkey face severe repression. Istanbul took to the streets in resistance because of a plan to raze the only park left in the city center and put up a mall and hotels for as-yet unspecified investors. Instead of responding to the democratic will and saving Gesi Park, the Turkish state is beating, gassing, arresting, detaining without charges and often killing people in the street.

The Erdogan government has strayed from secular assurances and made a turn to tightening social control by increasingly intervening in people’s private lives. The use of force resembles the hardline Turkish governments of the past, as well as all too many authoritarian crackdowns internationally — including in many European countries since the economic crisis began. In the background, we see the same neoliberal economic policies that bring precarity and poverty to peoples around the world and leave them no choice but to revolt.

The uprising of the people has now spread across Turkey and encompasses a popular yearning for change, for freedom, justice and economic fairness. Meanwhile, from the United States in which we live, arms and tear-gas shipments continue to flow to the Turkish state, as they have to the Egyptian state, the Greek state, and so many other sites of the “repression business.” In these ways and numerous others, the struggle of the Turkish people, the struggle of the Greek people, and the coming struggle of the American people are all related.

Join us Saturday at OWS Zuccotti Park in Solidarity with Occupy Gezi NYC. #ResistIstanbulAthensNYC #ResistEverywhere

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AKNY Invites: Friday to Sunday, June 7-9, Pace University, NYC

Greece Solidarity at the Left Forum 2013

During the big conference next weekend in New York, AKNY is holding three panels and taking part in the Turkish-Greek solidarity protest. Get your tickets at the Left Forum site, discounts available for all in need.


“Responding to Neo-Fascism: Greece, Golden Dawn and Diaspora”
Session 2, Saturday June 8, NOON-1:30pm, Room: E305

Nikos Levis (author, Astorian, Occupy activist, member “Stop Golden Dawn” NY)
Alan Akrivos (union activist, Justice newspaper, Queens Socialist Alternative)
Emmanuelle Mimieux (anarchist and anti-fascist)
Neni Panourgia (anthropologist, New School for Social Research)
[Facebook Invite] [Official Link]

IMMEDIATELY AFTER: In Solidarity With The Turkish People–
Occupy Gezi NYC & AKNY-Greece at OWS Zuccotti


“Environmental & Social Struggles in Greece: Skourgies – Halkidiki”
Session 5, Sunday June 9, 10:00am-11:50pm, Room: W606

Alan Akrivos (union activist, Justice newspaper, Queens Socialist Alternative)
Costas Panayotakis (NYC College of Technology)
Panayota Gounari (University of Massachusetts – Boston)
[Official Link]

“Crisis and the Left in Europe: Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain”
Session 6, Sunday June 9, NOON-1:50pm, Room: W626

Peter Bratsis (City University of New York)
Marcus Grätsch (Interventionist Left, Germany, FelS Berlin, Left Forum NY)
Despina Lalaki (New York University)
Bruno Gullì (City University of New York)
Carlos Frade (University of Salford, Manchester, UK)
[Official Link]

Cosponsored by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy (

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Zuccotti Park NYC For Gesi Park Istanbul

June 1, 2013: Here are two photos from what is happening right now in Zuccotti Park, New York City, near Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street had called for a reoccupation today of the plaza where the Occupy movement began in 2011. The people there are now demonstrating in solidarity with the tens of thousands of protesters in Istanbul, who are fighting to save that city’s central public Gesi Park from a planned demolition by developers. The Istanbul manifestations have been met with a massive attempted crackdown by the Turkish government. #OWS, #TurkishSpring, #GreeceSolidarity!
– AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement

Zuccotti Park, June 1, 2013

Occupy Wall Street retakes Zuccotti Park, June 1, 2013: Growing crowd of more than 1000 people in solidarity with the protests in Istanbul’s Gesi Park. Photo by Michael Pellagatti

Zuccotti Park, June 1, 2013

Photo received from Giles Clark.

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Syriza and the Strategic Challenges of the Greek Left

AKNY panel with Costas Panayotakis, Despina Lalaki, Iannis Delatolas and Peter Bratsis, moderated by Aaron Amaral. At Historical Materialism 2013 Conference, New York, April 27, 2013.

Audio with Q&A


Costas Panayotakis
“Syriza’s Dilemmas: The Challenges of Political Realignment at a Time of Economic Crisis”

Despina Lalaki
“The Crisis in Greece and the Left Response. Successes, Failures and High Expectations”

Iannis Delatolas
“Anti-Capitalist Answers to the Crisis: The Antarsya Perspective”

Peter Bratsis
“The Impossibility of Reform: Revolution or Servitude?”
(Paper unavailable)

Aaron Amaral

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Join Us Tuesday May 28 For Encore Screening


Greek American Radicals - The Untold Story

Film trailer and information:

Following the successful May 25 US premiere with more than 200 people in attendance, join us for an encore screening of “Greek American Radicals – The Untold Story,” an incredibly contemporary historical documentary covering not simply the Greek American but the US left and labor movements in the years from 1900 to the 1950s. At the premiere the audience crowded into the hall at the Stathakion Center in Ditmars and cried and cheered at the struggles and hopes of the Greek immigrants, who could have been Polish, Ukrainian, Italian, Jewish or Irish. We relived the years of the “One Big Union,” the International Workers of the World – the Bolshevik Revolution and the first Red Scare – the Depression and the New Deal – the rise of the enormous working class movement of the 1930s – the Spanish Civil War and the internationalist struggle against fascism – the horror of the Second World War and the great hopes as the war came to an end – the reaction of McCarthyism and consumerism – and the enduring hope of another world, down to this day in places like Zuccotti Park.

TUE MAY 28, 6:30 pm. Church of the Redeemer, 30-14 Crescent Street at 30th Road, Astoria (N/Q to 30th Avenue). Part of the Occupy Astoria LIC Film Series – With AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement. Join FB invite. Admission free!


SAT MAY 25, 6:30 pm – US PREMIERE. Stathakion Center, 22-51 29th Street, Astoria (N/Q to Ditmars). Sponsored by Non-Profit Company “Apostolis Berdebes.” Join FB invite.

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We Support Greek Teachers And Our Sisters
and Brothers in the Struggle for Justice


Greek Teachers Strike Coming May 17th

Teachers and supporters marched in Athens
on Monday, May 14. The government is seeking
to ban the planned May 17th strike by ordering
the public servants into a “civil mobilization.”

NEW YORK CITY, MAY 15, 2013: From the United States, AKNY–Greece Solidarity Movement extends a message of support to teachers in Greece who are fighting to defend the educational system from the latest attacks by the Samaras government and the Troika.

We are responding to a call for international solidarity from the Greek secondary teachers’ union OLME, who face a dire situation this week in Greece (see the OLME statement in English, below).

The government’s new round of proposed cuts to schools poses a threat to the institution of free education for all, endangering one of the most important historic gains won by the working people of Greece. From where we sit, the importance of free public education is not lost on any of us. In the United States, education comes usually at the cost of a huge student debt.

We strongly denounce the Samaras government’s “civil mobilization orders” on teachers. By these orders, the government is effectively placing teachers under a forced-labor draft. This is an outrageous violation of workers’ rights and the constitution. We watched with alarm when the government first used mobilization orders to stop the recent strikes by Metro workers and the Seaman’s Union. This must not be allowed to happen again with the teachers. It is an attack on the labor movement and on democracy itself, without precedent in the era since the military junta.

We condemn the EU, ECB and IMF for showing no concern about the consequences of their austerity dictates. They cannot evade their responsibility for backing authoritarian rule in Greece today!

We were heartened to see that the Public Sector Union ADEDY called on its members to take the streets in support of the teachers Monday in Athens, Patras and Thessaloniki.

We hope that this example will be followed by other sectors of the union movement. We hope also that the Greek people, especially Greek students and parents, will be inspired to march alongside the teachers.

Education and teachers play a special role in Greek society. While subject to tremendous economic pressures and injustices, teachers struggle daily, not merely to offer education but also to redress the inequalities of a system that does not consider the needs of immigrants’ children. In many cases they even must battle against the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn’s efforts to infiltrate the schools.

We support the teachers’ fight against economic injustice and the authoritarian rule of the Greek government. We stand by the teacher union’s efforts to lead the way toward a true democracy, economic justice and against the working people’s unfair sacrifices for the benefit of the economic and political elites.

AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement (Aristeri Kinisi NY)

Campaign for Peace and Democracy

Below is the statement from the Greek secondary teachers’ union OLME, calling for solidarity and reporting on today’s situation.

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Why Is Greece’s Chief of Repression
Speaking At John Jay College?

524 W. 59th Street, Manhattan, 5 pm, Thursday April 25
Ο νέος υπουργός Δημόσιας Τάξης και Προστασίας του Πολίτη Νίκος Δένδιας, προσέρχεται για την ορκομωσία στο Προεδρικό Μέγαρο, την Πέμπτη 21 Ιουνίου 2012. ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/ΑΛΚΗΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΙΔΗΣ

Under Dendias, Greek police have been caught photoshopping mugshots to hide
injuries inflicted on people they arrest. Photo: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/ΑΛΚΗΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΙΔΗΣ


The repressive policies of the present Greek government have been condemned by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, immigrant rights organizations and the UN Refugee Agency. Nikos Dendias, the Greek Minister of Public Order and Citizenship Protection, is the man responsible for the new immigrant concentration camps and the abuse and torture of detained protesters by the police. Under Dendias, police forces have become safe havens for the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. Any time there is a protest, central Athens becomes a testing ground for heavy chemicals; but businessmen who abuse or even threaten to kill their workers receive the light touch.

Now Dendias is visiting New York and speaking at John Jay College of Criminal Justice tonight, Thursday April 25. Join the protest of his appearance organized by AKNY-Greece Solidarity Movement.

Why is Dendias here? Who invited him?

Read on for an answer to that question and for a dossier of recent abuses by Dendias’s ministry…

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Greece, April 21, 1967—–NEVER AGAIN!

In Remembrance of the Victims of the Dictatorship
In Protest against State Authoritarianism and Neo-Nazism
In Defense of Democracy and Economic Justice for the Greek People

Sunday, April 21st, 12:30 pm to 3 pm
30th Avenue between 28th and 29th Street
Subway: N/Q to 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens


(From Jan 19 International Day of Anti-Fascist Solidarity)By

Forty-six years after the coup of April 21st, 1967 put Greece under a brutal right-wing military dictatorship backed by the CIA, the country again finds itself in a deep political crisis.

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