Photos: NYC, Berlin, Cophenhagen – Against Fascism and Austerity in Greece

Protest Greek Government at United Nations

Friday, 9/27 – Videos by Stanley Heller
Part 1 (Rally & D. Lalaki) – Part 2 (N. Levis)

Part 3: Sia performs “Lysistrata Lyceum

Part 4: Peter Bratsis on the functions of violence
Ten video segments from 9/27 by SH/The Struggle

New_York_UN_9-27-13Photos from Friday 9/27 in New York by Greek Photog, Michelle Equality Kaplan, Jerry Levy, Chiu Ng Photography and Mickey Z-vegan.

From Ethnikos Kirikas/National Herald, New York, Sept. 30: "Under the aegis of Aristeri Kinisi, New York and SYRIZA, New York, a protest was organized across from the United Nations building in New York against austerity and fascism."

From Ethnikos Kirikas (National Herald), New York, 9/30:
“Under the aegis of Aristeri Kinisisi, New York and SYRIZA,
New York, a protest was organized across from the United
Nations against austerity and fascism.”

Additional video by Carlos Sabater

Friday 9/27: Also in Berlin…


And Copenhagen – At Greek Embassy

Copenhagen_9-27_FyssasMarch[ Berlin photo album ] — [ Copenhagen report ]

Breaking Sat. 9/28: Golden Dawn Leadership,
“Attack Battalion” Members Arrested in Athens

Michaloliakos_ArrestedLive Blogging:
Greece’s Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos, several MPs arrested
Golden Dawn head, MPs arrested in unprecedented Greek crackdown

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By Sia; Edited by Queen Arsem-O’Malley; picked up at


Lysistrata Lyceum

“A country that doesn’t take care of its children is a dead country.” – May 1968

Athina is an Atlantis
of cheap goldshops and arid goldmines,
firewood funerals fueling tears of teargas
choked amid a broke power of imagination,
infant whimpers collapsed upon their cradle-grave nation,
adolescent rage pierced by Alexis bullets that have
ricocheted onto the backs of all the yelasta paidia,
their paideia sold to a Common Market of common lessons
on how to think and how to congregate,
where to shit and how to clean up shit
in what the prime mini-master calls our New Greece.

They say utopia is the good place and also no place,
but dystopia is a place. It’s here,
its particulars not yet clear
but the main points etched onto troika memoranda,
making us a pile of shit, suspended in this system,
undesired, undeclared, under its table
until on the table they motion us to a special place,
unimaginable but real and definitely something of our own,
a fit-for-automatons Special Economic Zone,
where we can no longer close our noses
as we pass by open air prisons,
the sweat of migrants pervading spaces of exception(al) myths,
past shipyards and onto superyachts
of privatized isles with submerged fetuses,
no heirs for the patros, no soldiers for the ethnos,
just a multitude of concrete slabs of copulation
screwing doctrines into pipes of accumulation.

So let’s call this what it is, reclaim that fated no from fascist pigs
and fuckin’ strike for fuck’s literal sake,
put an end to this dead-end mode of re-production
and give ‘em that grand ultimatum of extinction:
We don’t get futures? They don’t get kids.
But in fact this the rulers already know and fear,
frantically teaching us that history’s actually not over,
desperate for its reconfigured doses of peripheral plunder,
ignoring the quakes and signs and cries
that bankers seeking bailout bangs can
live their myth in Greece but only until she dies.
Because when solidarity is trumped by polarity,
the greatest weapon of the people is refusing not labor but life itself,
not one more alexis, only patches of atlantis.
Youths of the world, wake up! unite, embrace our Common Deaths.
They give us no futures; we give them no kids.


Sia, 24, is a first-generation Greek American who studied and organized for five years in Philly before spending this past year working and learning alongside comrades in Athens. She’s moving to New York City in August to begin graduate school in Sociology. Her “Meditations” are thanks to

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